Blessing That Does Not End

Here is a blessing Pastor Thandiwe wanted to share from Jan Richardson:
Wherever these days find you, may they hold solace and mysterious grace. This blessing is for you.

From the moment it first laid eyes on you,
this blessing loved you.
This blessing knew you from the start.
It cannot explain how.
It just knows that the first time
it sat down beside you,
it entered into a conversation
that had already been going on forever.
Believe this conversation has not stopped.
Believe this love still lives—
the love that crossed an impossible distance
to reach you, to find you, to take your face
into its hands and bless you.
Believe this does not end—
that the gesture, once enacted, endures.
Believe this love goes on—
that it still takes your face into its hands,
that it presses its forehead to yours
as it speaks to you in undying words,
that it has never ceased to gather your heart
into its heart.
Believe this blessing abides.
Believe it goes with you always.
Believe it knows you still.
—Jan Richardson
from The Cure for Sorrow: A Book of Blessings for Times of Grief