Special Events          

Sunday, January 13

11:15 am - Congregational Annual Meeting.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Each Wednesday

8:30 am - Prayers with the Pastor - All are welcome for this time of centering and prayer in the sanctuary.

Regular ongoing events


10 am         Worship and Sunday Faith Club

11 am         Fellowship

Monday (usually the first Monday of the month). 

   6 pm       Trustees

   6:30 pm  Deacons

   7:30 pm  Church Board


   7 pm       Choir rehearsal. 


    8:30 am Prayers with the Pastor

    7 pm      The Table in common room on lower floor. All are welcome for a relaxed, open, and non-judgmental conversation about faith, spirituality and     what it means to be human.


    9 am     Old Testament Course - This video series helps us discover what the Old Testament teaches about the ancient Israelites and how our faith might find new scholarly understanding.  It introduces us to the history, religion and literature of ancient Israel. We meet at the church.