Our Open & Affirming Welcome Statement

First Congregational Church UCC of Loveland, Colorado, affirms that ALL people are created by God, in the image of God, and are beloved in the eyes of God. We affirm that every member of this congregation, a covenant community, has an equal opportunity for full participation in the life of the church, as well as the love, respect, and support of the congregation. In a covenant community, members support each other, worship together and provide the guidance each person needs to strengthen their faith.

As an Open and Affirming congregation, we seek to be an expression of God’s all-encompassing love in the world. We reach out to those who have known the sorrow of exclusion, discrimination, and marginalization by society and the church. We seek to promote Christ’s compassion, healing, and fullness of life for all people.

Embracing the gifts of diversity and affirming the dignity and worth of each person, we extend a welcome to persons – 
            of every race, ethnic heritage, and nationality,
            of every sex, gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation,
            of every age,
            of every physical and mental ability,
            of various marital and familial statuses,
            of various economic statuses or financial situations,
            of different faiths or without faith.

We believe God calls us to create a sacred, safe, and inclusive space where all are loved as Christ loved them. The Holy Spirit moves among us to create a sense of belonging to a sacred community, and to encourage love and acceptance of one another.

Whoever YOU are and wherever YOU are on life’s journey, YOU are welcome here.

We don't all think alike, but we do take seriously the command to love one another.

You’ll find some of us in jeans, some of us with ties, and some of us just glad to have made it out of the house.


Every Sunday at the beginning of the service we say as a message of welcome, “Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are a beloved child of God, and you are welcome here!” And we mean it. 

Whether you are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, or dirt poor, you are welcome here.

Whether you grew up in the church, have never stepped foot in a church, or aren’t sure what to think of church, you are welcome here.

We extend a special welcome to crying new borns and squirmy children who can’t sit still, to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet, and to teenagers who are growing up way too fast.

We welcome sports fans, starving artists, soccer moms, NASCAR dads, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians, and junk-food eaters.

We welcome pollyanna’s and curmudgeons and those who stayed up all night binging on Netflix.

Whether your family just arrived in this country, has been here for generations, or are indigenous to this land, you are welcome here.

Whether you are struggling, or sad, or confused, or angry or despairing or hopeful or full of joy you are welcome here.

We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, had religion shoved down your throat as a kid, or got lost in traffic and wound up here by mistake.

We welcome the flexible, inflexible, tolerant, intolerant, those who laughed, and those who gasped at this welcome.

We welcome tourists, seekers, doubters, bleeding hearts……

and we especially welcome you!

Worship is at 10 am on Sundays.

We hope you will join us, for a day or for a lifetime.


First Congregational Church is not a creedal or dogmatic church. We do not insist that anyone ascribe to any particular set of beliefs in order to be a member of our church. In fact we not only tolerate diversity in the expressions of faith at our church, we value them because we believe that each of us has a piece of truth to offer the rest of us.


First Congregational Church is part of the United Church of Christ, a denomination that began in 1957 but whose roots go all the way back to the pilgrims who left Europe in search of spiritual freedom. As they departed for the new world, their pastor, John Robinson, urged them to always keep their minds and hearts open to new ways with these words: “God has yet more light and truth to break forth from his holy Word.” Today we continue in that tradition, listening for how God is still speaking us to us today in the 21st century.  


An introduction to the United Church of Christ


The  United Church of Christ Denominational Website



On November 24, the church was organized.


The original building was erected.


The current building was constructed.


First Church became a United Church of Christ.


The sanctuary was remodeled to celebrate the building's 50th birthday.


The congregation hired their first settled female solo pastor.


On September 19, the congregation voted to become Open and Affirming.


We hold our Core Values close to us. Everything we do is based off of these core values.

  • Extravagant Welcome
    Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

  • Life-long Journey

    Our faith continues to grow and evolve throughout our whole lives as we seek to follow the way of Christ's love.

  • Engaging the World                        Faith is not just what you believe, but how you live it out in the world. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

  • Ministry of All Believers

    All people are called to minister to one another in love and compassion. We are all witnesses to the power of God's love revealed through Christ.

  • Authentic Community 
    We strive to be real, to be honest and to be vulnerable, bringing our whole selves to God’s table.


You can read about the design here.


Rev. Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, Minister

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Thandiwe (pronounced tun-DEE-way) came to First Congregational Church in November, 2018.  Her work experience is varied and has always centered around learning how to love God, neighbor and self more authentically, inclusively and expansively. After all, God's got room for ALL of us!  

When she's not pastoring, reading, or writing, she can usually be found spending time with her beloved Darryl, their daughter Cora (age 3), and their son Ezra (born March, 2021). They delight in time outdoors, reading, cooking and general silliness together.

Contact Thandiwe:


You can get to know Thandiwe and her family a little better by watching the reflection (below) she put together about her experience as a mom:

Nikki Glantz, Music Director and Accompanist

Nikki has been with the church since 2010 and enjoys spending time with her husband Dan, and children Natalie, Anthony, Giovanni, and Celia. Her experience with music is wide and varied and in addition to the musical gifts she brings, her background in psychology helps her delight in her work with people of all ages and musical abilities. 

Contact Nikki:


Below, you can watch one of our congregation's favorite musical responses with Nikki on piano and her sister Breanna singing:

Staci Hennings, Administrative Assistant

Staci joined the staff of First Congregational Church as the Administrative Assistant in 2011. Staci's favorite part of her work is the people -- all of us! And anytime you call our church or walk into the church office, you will know that instantly.


Staci enjoys spending time with her family (she is a very proud mom!) and loves living in the beauty of Colorado.


Contact Staci:



"Being new to the town was difficult. As soon as I walked through the doors, I knew this would be my new church family."


"Not since my late twenties have I experienced the joy I find at FCC. You are a truly welcoming people; open and accepting and even affectionate; with who there are no cliques and no hostility; where honest differences are expressed amicably, respectfully and without rancor. You all are nurturing, even as we travel our respective paths toward union with God. May He bless you all!"