Ash Wednesday

Dearly Beloved,

I have a vivid memory of an Ash Wednesday, oh, probably 22 years ago. My family lived in Zimbabwe, and I was attending boarding school. I joined a van of other boarding students going to a nearby Anglican Church for their Ash Wednesday service. At 15, I decided to fast for the day, and broke that fast with communion alongside my school friends. 

Lent, then as now, is a time for us to work to clear the cobwebs, to clear the dust, to clear the debris that is getting in the way of us connecting with the divine. In our world today, fasting from particular foods may not be the best way to do this. But perhaps a social media fast (or even just fasting from social media after 9:00 pm) or fasting from words of judgment or cussing may help you connect. Perhaps this is a season for literal clearing out whether of your home, your desk or your office. Or perhaps instead of a fast, adding a practice makes more sense. 

This Lent, I will be reading through A Sanctified Art's Daily Devotional Cards -- it's not too late to get those.  Just let me or Staci know if you'd like a set. And on Monday-Thursday, I'm hoping to do a very short FB live stream of me with a short reflection and prayer. You can watch my first one HERE. It's my first time doing something like this, so I'm totally open to ideas!

I hope you'll join us at church or online for our Ash Wednesday worship this evening. 

And you certainly won't want to miss Sunday's worship -- an introduction to our Lenten theme of "Full to the Brim" -- with two pieces of special music. The first is a piano duet that Nikki Glantz and Diane Levy will be playing together and the second is Vivaldi's violin concerto played by mya Haux. 

As we enter this season of Lent, may God's love, peace and presence fill you.

Love and blessings,