Notes from the Music Minister

Some of my favorite moments during worship are always when we finish a hymn a capella (without piano), and I have the opportunity to hear the congregation's beautiful singing. I would love to add some of those voices to our choir this year. This isn't a high-pressured "come join the choir!" campaign, but I thought some of you might have some questions about participating in choir and what exactly it entails.


Hope this helps:

1) You won’t have to audition - the choir is open to everyone

2) You DO NOT need to commit to attend every rehearsal and Sunday........Seriously!!

3) You don’t need any previous choral experience

4) I can promise you that you won’t ever be pressured to sing a solo (unless of course you want to).

5) You will have plenty of help learning the songs! In addition to our regular rehearsals, I put up recordings of our anthems on the website, and I'm always happy to plan a time to help you out individually.


There are also additional options for those of you who would like to participate in our music program in other ways. The bell choir performs during the Christmas and Lent seasons, and our worship band will continue playing about once a month.


Rehearsals are all on Tuesday nights. The choir usually practices from 7-8:15, but will be doing a "kickoff rehearsal" on Tuesday, September 4, from 6:30-8:30. We'll have a chance to get organized, sing through all of our music for the first quarter, and have an opportunity for fun and fellowship.


Bell choir practices are seasonal and on select Tuesday nights from 6-6:45 pm, and the band practices 1-3 times each month at 8:15 (those schedules are usually scheduled via email-just let me know if you want to participate).


Watch the bulletins and future newsletters for other important dates and information, and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.





Top Ten Countdown: Reasons to Join the Church Choir

10. You want to improve your health. Singing in the Choir is not only heart healthy, but soul healthy. There are no monthly memberships fees, you can wear whatever shoes you want to rehearsal, and it’s a lot easier on the knees than jogging.
9. You’ve just been selected for jury duty and want to get used to sitting with a group of people.
8. Guys: Because you wear a choir robe every Sunday, you are liberated from a task many men find quite challenging: finding clothes that match properly.
7. You’ll be able to see the clock in the back of the sanctuary without having to turn around.
6. No matter how crowded it is for Christmas and Easter, you’re assured a great seat.
5. It’s just like singing in the shower, except you are dressed and people are actually listening to you.
4. You’ll have an excuse to get out of doing the dishes and child bedtime duties every Tuesday night.
3. From where you’re sitting, you can nod off during the sermon without the pastor catching you.
2. The choir chairs are the most comfortable in the sanctuary, and they even have little storage pockets to keep your most prized possessions [like a water bottle and cough drops of course] ;)
1. From your special vantage point every Sunday, in which you look out at the entire congregation from the choir seats, you will develop interesting new hobbies. Among these is a little guessing game called “Who’s Praying, Who’s Sleeping?”