March 5, 2017 Christ, Our Treasure

The season of Lent.  I am curious – what do you associate with Lent?  What feelings or words do you associate with Lent?

My sense is that it is not an obviously popular season.  On the most surface level, its that season when you have to give something up – be it chocolate or beer or sugar or whining about your relatives.  Not necessarily something we would say is fun…On a deeper level, it is this season of truth-telling, of being honest before God, admitting you are human, acknowledging our failures, recognizing our individual and collective sin.   Not necessarily an opportunity we jump at.

February 26, 2017 Back up the mountain

In between the season of Epiphany and the season of Lent is this story of the transfiguration –there are some scriptures that only come around once every 3 years in lectionary – but this one is every year. I would have thought that after preaching on this story year after year I would get tired of it – but I have come to appreciate how many different ways this story can speak to us. And this year is no different.

February 12, 2017 You Can’t Be Human Alone Text...

At first glance this seems an odd scripture for this morning – given my announcement and the current place we now find ourselves, focusing on these specific issues that Jesus raises in this part of the Sermon on the Mount seems a bit peripheral. Not that they aren’t important, but they do not, at least directly, seem speak to our situation.  I debated picking a different scripture for this very reason.  But I decided to keep it because there is a spirit beneath these specific issues that Jesus raises that I think does have something to say to us on this particular morning.  

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