Special Events          

Friday, December 15 - Childrens' Slumber Party

Saturday, December 16 - Breakfast with Santa and final pageant meeting

Sunday, December 17 - Christmas Pageant

Sunday, December 24, 10:00 am - The morning worship service will be for the Fourth Sunday in Advent.  We will complete our Advent preparations for Christmas.  There will be no Communion or Candle Lighting during the morning worship.
Sunday, December 24, 7:00 pm - This will be our Christmas Eve worship service, with lots of music, Christmas carols, candle lighting and Communion.
Monday, December 25 - We will have no services on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!

Regular ongoing events


  8 am          Bible study at Loco Artisan Coffee House (6th and Cleveland).

  9:15 am    Choir rehearsal.

10 am         Worship and Sunday Faith Club

11 am         Fellowship

5:30 pm     Youth Fellowship


   6 pm       Trustees

   6:30 pm  Deacons

   7:30 pm  Church Board


    6-6:45     Bell choir rehearsal on November 14, November 28, December 5, and December 19

    7 pm       Choir rehearsal.


    6:30 am  Engaging Faith book discussion at Loco Artisan Coffee House (6th and Cleveland)

    7 pm       The Table at Loco Artisan Coffee House (6th and Cleveland).


    6:30 pm  Broom Tree at Loco Artisan Coffee House (6th and Cleveland) 2nd and 4th week