Autumn 2021

Blessing, most simply, is the act of acknowledging

the presence of the divine in all things.

When we bless something, we see, name, and celebrate the sacredness within it. In so doing, we call forth the power of the divine already within all things. Sometimes we are casual about our blessings -- the kiss we give a loved one as they walk out the door or the song we sing in the shower. But when we are intentional about the act of blessing, we find that it is not simply words or a gesture. Instead, it is “a peace-making, earth-shaking, dead-waking, light-creating, dark-abating act” of love (SALT Project video on blessing). 

Blessing changes us. It binds us to the things we bless. After all, you don’t think that God would allow us to call forth divine power and then not use us to fulfill that blessing, do you? After all, “your blessing is your covenant. When you lift up your hands, when you extend your arms, when you call down the source-of-all-that-is power of God, you can be sure that you will be part of God’s plan” (SALT Project). 

So, this season, let us bless. Flash a smile to the grocery store teller. Serve someone in need. Share time with your beloved ones. Let someone else care for you. Consider how you use your time, talents and treasure. Notice and receive God’s gifts and offer gifts of your own in gratitude and joy.  

Why? Because we were made to bless. Because calling forth the sacred already in the world helps us to see, experience and live it. And because the blessing “lives in the community that mediated the blessing and continues to hold it in memory and celebration; it lives in the hope that persists; it lives most of all in the love that called forth the blessing in the first place—the love that is... as strong as death” (Jan Richardson). So, this season, let us call forth blessings. Let us be blessed that we too might bless the world with a love that does not end, a love that is as strong as death.

Autumn 2021


September 12 -- Blessing the Water 

We bless the water we have brought back from our summer journeys. (This practice is borrowed from University Church in Chicago)

September 19 – Blessing the Church

We bless the gifts received and work done during the pandemic.

September 26 -- Blessing God's Creation

We bless the animals that are parts of our families (and perhaps some that are simply part of God’s family)

October 3 -- Blessing Our Tables: World Communion Sunday

We bless our tables and God's table, the food that we eat and all who gather there.

October 10 -- Blessing Our Path

We bless new members who wish to journey with us and we bless our footwear and our own journeys.

                 Saturday, October 16 -- Hay Ride

                 Join us for a hay ride, pumpkin carving, face painting and just a great time for all ages!

October 17 -- Blessing the Harvest

We bless the bounty from our gardens, field and farms.

October 24 -- Blessing the Road

We bless the vehicles that take us from place to place.

October 31 -- Blessing Our Gifts

We bless the gifts and commitments that we make to our congregation.

               Sunday, October 31, Trunk or Treat, 5:00-7:00 pm 

               Sign up to offer treats from your trunk or bring your kids/grandkids to trick or treat.

November 7 -- Blessing the Generations

We bless and honor those who have gone before us on this Sunday after All Saints Day.

November 14 -- Blessing the Work of Our Hands

We bless our prayer shawl ministry and all of the different kinds of work that we do with our hands.

November 21 – Thanksgiving Sunday: Blessing the Days to Come

We celebrate 120 years of our congregation’s ministry and bless the greens that will decorate our sanctuary during the Advent Season.

​​​​​​​Join us for this season of blessing!