“There is in all things… a hidden wholeness” - Thomas Merton


“For the good [person] to realize that it is better to be whole than to be good 

is to enter on a strait and narrow path…” - John Middleton Murry


Our autumn worship theme comes from Parker Palmer’s Book of the same name: “A Hidden Wholeness.” Palmer’s book describes each of us as whole and explains that our wholeness includes whatever parts of us we may consider less-than-good, shameful or even “broken.” Indeed, for Palmer, we are best able to discern the still-speaking voice of God when we listen from our whole or integrated self. 


The trouble is that our wholeness, our integrated self, is often obscured from vision and even from our own knowledge. As such, we are called to discover and uncover our own hidden wholeness. Parker suggests that the best way to do this is in community -- in what he calls a circle of trust. These circles of trust are, most simply put, a community “that knows how to welcome the soul and help us hear its voice.” We hope that through our worship this season, we will practice being such a community. 


Part of our worship space this fall is a prayer corner -- a space for a quiet moment lighting a candle or simply being. You’re invited to use this space before, during or after worship, anytime you feel moved to do so. Our autumn scriptures come from the Narrative Lectionary and draw us into the story of God’s love for humanity beginning with the story of Noah. Worship will incorporate silence and some movement. We hope that these different ways of being together will help us discover -- individually and collectively -- the hidden wholeness within us. We pray that our autumn worship will move us to: 

“reach in toward [our] own wholeness while reaching out towards the world’s needs 

and striving to live [our] lives at the intersection of the two” (Palmer, pg 22).



Autumn 2022 Special Events


September 11 -- Pausing for September 11 & Living Water Worship

        Saturday, September 17 -- Leaders' Retreat, 9:00-11:00 am

October 2 -- World Communion Sunday

        Saturday, October 8 - Hay Ride

October 9 -- Hymn Sing 

October 23 -- Confirmation Sunday

        Saturday, October 29 -- Trunk or Treat

November 6 -- All Saints Sunday

November 20 -- Thanksgiving Sunday