Worship is central to our life at First Congregational Church


In worship, we often laugh and sometimes we cry together. We sometimes experience challenge, sometimes comfort and sometimes both at once. And we always have music and welcome. We always share in prayer and hear God's word. We always seek to connect with our most authentic selves, one another and God's Spirit that is already around, among and within us. We seek to share in worship that is spiritually nourishing, challenging and even transformative. We hope that, by worshiping together, we are better equipped to follow Jesus' way of love, peace and justice as individuals and as a community. 


We come just as we are to worship -- doubting or certain, delighting in God's love or unsure if God's love really includes us, feeling spiritually hungry and sometimes physically hungry, too. Some of us grew up in this congregation, some of us came from other Christian traditions and some of us discovered this as a place where we could ask our questions about spirituality, faith, God, Jesus and just about anything else you can come up with. So come, whatever you believe. Come, whatever your background. Come, whatever your questions. Come, whatever your age. Come, because God is love and you are God's beloved. 


In worship, we seek to live out our 5 Core Values:

Extravagant Welcome

Lifelong Journey

Engaging With the World

Ministry of All Believers

Authentic Community