Then Jesus called them to him and said, “Allow the children to come to me.

Do not forbid them, because God’s kingdom belongs to people like these children.  

I assure you that whoever does not welcome God’s kingdom like a child will never enter it.”

Luke 18:16-17 (Similar texts in Matthew 19:14 and Mark 10:14)


About Our Summer Season 2020

To say that this spring has been different than any of us expected is a gross understatement. Many of us feel weary, worried and ready to get back to life as we knew it before COVID-19 and our heightened awareness of systemic racism. 


But what if the invitation is not to go back but forward? What if the goal is not so much return but renewal? What if God’s call is to see the world with fresh eyes - to see what is most important to us, to see how we are all interconnected, to see the everyday miracles of gardens and trees, friendship, kindness and love? This summer, we invite you to look at the world Through the Eyes of a Child.


Summer Worship

We currently plan to continue to gather virtually through the end of August (unless something dramatic changes), and our worship seeks to make the most of this virtual format. Our order of worship invites us to simplify, to see through fresh lenses, and to cultivate curiosity, awe and hope. Each Sunday will focus around a particular theme.

Sacred Space

Children have a profound sense of awe and wonder and so see the sacred all around them. Please be intentional about creating sacred space. You may want to include something from outdoors, something growing, a candle, favorite children’s book and a photograph of yourself as a child and/or a beloved child in your life. 

Worship Activity

Each Sunday will include an activity to do during worship that invites us to engage with our whole selves -- bodies, minds, and spirits -- and that connects with that week’s theme. These are intentionally childlike and we hope you will delight in them. 


To help us engage more deeply with the week’s theme and with one another, a member of our congregation will reflect briefly on the theme and then we will have a chance to share our own thoughts in small groups of no more than four using breakout rooms. 

Weekly Themes


June 21 HOPE

June 28 FEAR  

July 5 TRUST (Rev. Laura Nelson, Guest Preacher)




August 2 WONDER/AWE (Guest Preacher)

August 9 VULNERABILITY (Jason Morgan, Guest Preacher)

August 16 WOUNDS 


August 30 PLAY 

Sept 6 LOVE 

*July 20-Aug 1 Rocky Mountain Conference Annual Celebration

We hope that in our summer worship, you will find yourself looking at the world through renewed and revived eyes.

That you will cultivate your curiosity, sense of fairness, wonder, joy and hope.

And that you will, like a child, know deeply the power of God’s love to transform us and our world.

Summer Videos

During our summer season, our children and youth lead us into worship. You can find links to each Sunday's Call to Worship below. You can also find some links to the reflections shared by our members each Sunday. 

Sunday, June 14 -- Curiosity

Call to Worship led by Anthony & Natalie Stelwagon

Sunday, June 21 -- Hope

Call to Worship Adapted from "We Have Hope" by Julie Martin

             led by Grayson & Gavin Snyder and Jeslyn & Mya Haux

Sharing Our Stories of Hope -- Tammy Sharmer

Sunday, June 28 -- Fear

Call to Worship Adapted from "The Shallow End" by Wayne Hawkins

             led by Lucas Gardner and his grandpa Lee Daniels

Sunday, July 5 -- Trust

Call to Worship led by Braelyn & Matthew Frank

Worship Recording with Sharing Our Stories of Hope -- Jon Haux

                                            Sermon by Rev. Laura Nelson

A Child's Prayer for Communion by Alex Clare Young

             led by Natalie & Anthony Stelwagon, Giovanni & Celia Glantz and Cora Dale-Ferguson

Sunday, July 12 -- Joy

Call to Worship led by Lucas Gardner and Cora Dale-Ferguson

Sharing Our Stories of Joy -- Maria Greaves

July 19 -- Justice

Call to Worship Adapted from “Tablets of oppression: A Litany” by Alex Clare-Young

              led by Chloe & Emma Ogle and Jeslyn & Mya Haux