Re-Entry Team Update 7/27/21

The CDC issued new recommendations today for fully vaccinated people given new evidence on the Delta variant currently circulating in the United States. Included was the recommendation for fully vaccinated people to wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission. “Substantial” means 50-99 cases per 100,000 people, “high” is 100 or greater. According to the CDC website, Larimer county is an area where there is a substantial level of community transmission of COVID-19. The county’s website indicated today (July 27th) that we were at 70 cases per 100,000.

As such, the Re-Entry Team will require all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to resume wearing face masks during indoor worship, starting this Sunday, August 1st. (Remember, this is no different than how we first resumed worship on June 6th.) Masking will also be required for any memorial services or other church functions held indoors.

Please wear an appropriate face mask over your nose and mouth while you are in the building. Leave neck gators, face shields, and masks with exhalation valves at home. The church will provide you and/or your child with an appropriate, disposable mask if you do not have one. Per the CDC, the masking recommendations now include children 2 years old or older.

Re-entry Team Update, 6/22/21

Dear Church Family,

As we all know, things are changing rapidly across the nation as more and more people get vaccinated. Larimer County’s 7-day COVID Case Rate and 7-Day Test Positive percent are both low, and gathering in large groups is becoming safer and safer, especially for those who are vaccinated. Like our County and State, we as a congregation will be gradually moving away from the COVID safety protocols we have had in place to protect one another.

Beginning June 27th, we will no longer do temperature checks as people enter our sanctuary, and masks will be optional. We will continue to designate the west side of the sanctuary and the balcony as areas for physically distanced seating for those who may want or need this option.

We will continue, for the time-being, taking down people’s contact information as a precaution. Ushers will dismiss people from the sanctuary after worship, and we ask that you socialize and visit with each other outdoors. Pastor Thandiwe will be available outside after worship every other week – alternating with visiting with people on Zoom. For now, the downstairs part of our building will be closed on Sunday mornings.

For those who are unvaccinated and wish to attend church, be aware that the CDC still considers attending in-door worship a “least safe” activity, even when wearing a mask. Therefore, we recommend you worship online if you have not been vaccinated. If, however, you decide to attend church, please wear a mask, sit in a designated socially distanced area (west section of pews or the balcony), and otherwise maintain 6 feet of distance around you at all times for you and your family’s safety.

You may return your name tag to the board after the service and no longer need to take it home. The church will continue to provide disposable masks for those that need/want them.

Thank you so much for your support as we cautiously navigate reopening the church building and gathering in-person once more.


The Re-Entry Team

Re-entry Team Update, 5/26/21

​​​​​​​Dear Fellow Congregant,

Indoor worship is resuming at Loveland FCC on Sunday, June 6th with Thandiwe resuming her role as lead pastor. Service will be at 10:00 AM as usual. The option to attend worship online via Zoom and Facebook Live will continue. Regardless of where you stand on worship, please read this letter in its entirety.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that only vaccinated people attend indoor worship at this time. Attending indoor worship is still considered one of the LEAST SAFE activities by the CDC if you are not vaccinated, even if you wear a mask! If you are not vaccinated, please continue to worship online for you and your family’s safety. If, however, you decide to attend church, please sit in a designated socially distanced area, and otherwise maintain 6 feet of distance around you at all times.

If you are vaccinated and choose to continue worshiping online for now, we support your decision. If you want to attend church but still sit socially distanced there will be areas for you to do so. Everyone should be aware that there have been cases of “break-through” COVID-19 of vaccinated people, though rare.

Regardless of your vaccination status, understand that there will never be zero risk of contracting COVID-19 while at church despite everyone’s best efforts. If you choose to attend indoor worship, you are assuming that risk voluntarily, given your own personal health and social situation. Please consider your worship options carefully.

Here’s what you can expect if you attend indoor worship:

Arrival to Church

•    Many of us have not seen each other for a long time! But, before you “reach out and touch someone”, you may want to ask for their permission. Not everyone will have the same comfort level regarding physical touch (hugs, handshakes, elbow bumps, etc.). If someone prefers to keep distanced, be courteous and respect their decision.

•    Only South (8th St.) and West (Lincoln Ave.) entrances will be open. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. One party at a time will be allowed in.

•    An appropriate face mask will be REQUIRED upon arrival and worn over the nose and mouth while you are in the building. Please leave neck gators, face shields (unless you wear a mask underneath), and masks with exhalation valves at home. The church will provide you and/or your child with an appropriate, disposable mask if you do not have one. Children 10 and under will not be required to wear a mask.

•    A greeter will take the names and phone numbers of everyone in your party. You will have your temperature checked, and be asked COVID-19 health screening questions. Please sanitize your hands using the touch-less sanitizer stands at each entrance.

•    Pick up a contained set of worship elements (juice and wafer) if you wish to partake in communion (first Sunday of the month only).

•    An usher will greet you at the top of the stairs and give you a bulletin. You may take your name badge from the board if you want, and a set of headphones if you need them.

•    Let the usher know if you wish to sit socially distanced. If so, you have the choice to either sit in the balcony, or in the west section of pews in the sanctuary. If in the balcony, sit distanced from other parties and the AV team. Distanced means at least 6 feet apart in all directions. 6 feet is approximately two arm-lengths. If in the west section of pews, sit where it has been marked by blue tape on the top of the pew. Please try to sit in a marked area where the length of tape is relative to the size of your party. The usher can assist you.

•    The usher will otherwise ask you to sit in an area of your choosing within the sanctuary. We encourage you to spread out as much as possible.

During Worship Service

•    Once seated, please stay in your area. However, you may use the upstairs bathroom near the narthex at any time. There will be no access to the downstairs area - bathrooms, fellowship hall, kitchen.

•    Children will sit with their parents/guardian. However, during Children’s Time, if OK with their parents/guardian, children may come up and sit distanced from each other in the front, center pew. The moderator of Children’s Time can assist with ensuring proper distancing.

•    The nursery, and Sunday school for children/youth will not be open.

•    Please do not bring any food or drink into the sanctuary.

•    Stay in your pew when passing the peace. Wave to those in the distance, or say hello to your immediate neighbors.

•    You may speak the prayer of confession, the Lord’s Prayer, and all other recitations. Please refrain from singing. But do hum, tap your feet, clap, or sway to the music!

•    Hymnals, bibles, and friendship registers will be removed from the pews. Offering envelopes, pencils, and Kleenex boxes will remain.

•    Joys and Concerns, and Announcements will be as usual, preferably using a wireless mic.

•    Offering plates will not be passed. Rather, you may drop your offering in the plate or basket provided at the top of each aisle either before or after service (an usher can show you). Contributions can continue to be made online or by mail.

After Worship Service

•    Please stay seated until an usher releases your section and row. This will be done row by row, starting in the back and moving toward the altar. Those seated in the socially distanced areas will be released first, starting with the west section of the sanctuary, followed by those in the balcony. Refrain from congregating in the narthex and leave the building promptly.

•    The decision to have a receiving line will be up to Thandiwe.

•    Take your bulletin home or place it in a blue recycling bin.

•    Take your used worship element container, tissues, etc. with you and dispose in the trash. Do not leave any of your items in the pews.

•    If you’ve removed your name tag from the board please take it home with you and remember to bring it each Sunday.

•    Leave headphones with an usher for sanitizing.

•    It’s good practice to sanitize your hands once more as you exit the building.

•    Once outside, feel free to meet and greet according to yours, and others, comfort level!

Key Points

•    If it seems we are acting rather conservatively, especially in light of the less restrictive guidelines recently put out by the CDC for vaccinated people, we are! Remember, we potentially will have a mixture of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. We opted to start cautiously for everyone’s safety. Acting more cautiously in the beginning, followed by a gradual reduction in restrictions as the course of the pandemic allows, will help people more comfortably transition back to something resembling “normal”.

•    The Re-entry Team and church leaders WILL enforce these rules in the interest of all. Please do not take offense, for example, if you are reminded your mask needs to cover both your mouth AND nose, or are asked not to enter the church if you have a temperature. If you do not think you can graciously follow these or future guidelines we may introduce, please continue to worship online. For the health and enjoyment of all, and the success of the re-opening process, we encourage each of you to help each other adhere to the guidelines.

•    We hope and pray that ALL of these restrictions will be lifted sometime this year. The team will re-evaluate the process regularly and let you know of any changes.

•    Please be prepared for restrictions to change, either less or more restrictive, based on up-to-date guidance. While we hope this will not be the case, this could mean a return to online worship only, if governmental requirements change.

We look forward to enjoying each other’s company and fellowship once again in church! Please feel free to call a member of the Re-entry Team with any questions or concerns.