Adult Ministry

Adult Faith Discussion Groups


Beginning Thursday, October 4, 9 am

The Old Testament was written in ancient Israel over 1,000 years ago by many authors. 

"This video series will help us discover what the Old Testament teaches us about the ancient Israelites and how our faith might find new scholarly understanding.  The lectures by scripture expert, Professor Amy Jill Levine will introduce us to the history, religion and literature of ancient Israel as preserved in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament."  Scholars and students suggest that Professor Amy Jill Levine has a very personable way of teaching and it is fun to listen to her talk about stories and characters in the Old Testament.  Rev. Art Orth and Rev. Nora Smith will serve as conveyors of this Old Testament Offering.

Please let us know if you are joining us.  Sign up on the Old Testament Course sheet across from the trophy case.

The Table - Wednesday, 7 pm

All are welcome for a relaxed, open, and non-judgmental conversation about faith, spirituality and what it means to be human. We will meet at the church.