One of our Core Values is Life-Long Journey, meaning that we are each on a life-long spiritual journey of learning, growth, discovery, and connection. We need to be equipped, guided, encouraged and challenged on this life-long journey. Faith Formation is for people of all ages, and our adult faith formation opportunities invite  us to engage our minds and spirits (and sometimes our bodies, too!) in our spiritual journey.


We hope you'll join us!

All are welcome, whether this journey is new to you, whether you've recently taken a sudden turn on this journey or whether you've been on this path your whole life long. 


Virtual Lectio Divina

Tuesdays, 8:00 am

Lectio Divina ("divine reading") is an ancient Benedictine practice of reading scripture that invites us to delve into scripture with more than just our heads. We read a text  three times, allowing the words to sink ever deeper into our bodies, hearts and spirits, and we listen for how God is speaking to us in our lives and our world today through that text. This is a practice that brings scripture alive! No prior experience is necessary. All are welcome! 


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Zoom Meeting ID: 475 372 044; Password: 471003


Virtual Book Study, August 5 - September 9

Wednesdays 10:00 am

Contact Grace Haskins at to sign up

"Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time" by Marcus Borg

Do you dare to question the beliefs you have held all your life? Do you wish that someone would take your questions seriously if you’ve always had them? This book is for people who have wondered about who Jesus is and was! It is for people who have wondered who told the stories of Jesus. It is for people who want to know what these 2,000 year-old stories have to do with our lives and our faith today.


In "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time," author Marcus Borg speaks to those who want a faith that welcomes our questions and is open to history. Borg shows how what we know historically can lead to a new faith in Christ – a faith that is both critical and sustaining. Won't you join us?

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Zoom Meeting ID: 846 1321 8009;  Password: 814004

Virtual Study, September 6 - November 15

Sundays 11:30-12:30


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During this time of pandemic and beyond, we will be focusing on practical issues around planning for longevity, navigating pitfalls

and how to utilize the resources we have in our community. We will also discuss aging with grace, transitions, big and small and caring for our spirits. 


Part 1: Becoming an Advocate - September 6, 13, 20 & 27

Led by Rhonda Racicot & Julie Schuetz

September 6 - Introduction, Setting the Groundwork - Planning for Longevity  

September 13 - Resources at Your Fingertips & Avoiding Pitfalls 

September 20 - Celebrating Transitions & Navigating Big and Little Changes  

September 27 -- Caring for Your Spirit          


Part  2: “Falling Upward” Book Study - October 4, 11, 18 & 25

Led by Dana Stanke, Jan Smith, Diane Levy & Craig Jump


Part 3: Resourcing Our Congregation - November 1, 8 & 15

What practical resources do we need as individuals and as a congregation to consider choices that we may have for ourselves or for loved ones as we seek to age with grace? These three weeks will offer such practical resources including financial considerations, legal considerations as well as actually walking through some forms that you may want to complete. 

Spring 2021 Study

In the Spring of 2021, our Adult Education seeks to equip us for the work of healing and wholeness through loving communication. How do we approach our communication with each other?  Beginning from a posture of humility and love.  Wondering what is meant by "posture"? Read more HERE.

Part 1: “More than Talk: A Covenantal Approach to Everyday Communication”

Gather for conversations and learning about how to be an effective, authentic, and compassionate communicator. It will explore some of the following topics:

- What does the Bible teach us about communication?

- Listening as communication

- Verbal and non-verbal communication

- How we deepen our relationships with one another by improving our communication?

Part 2: “A Hidden Wholeness” Book Study

Part 3: Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Book Study

Dismantling Racism 101, July 26 - August 30

Sundays 2:00-3:30 pm

Contact Pastor Thandiwe to sign up.

In this 6-week introduction to race and racism, we seek to set the groundwork for how and why we might want to have a conversation about race. We will learn the history of racism and how it has impacted our nation, our state and our local community here in Loveland. Finally, we will look at what is already being done and what may yet be done in our community to work to end racism here.

This is a great introductin to the topic of Racism. All are welcome to participate! 

You can learn more about opportunities around Dismantling Racism HERE