One of our Core Values is Life-Long Journey, meaning that we are each on a life-long spiritual journey of learning, growth, discovery, and connection. We need to be equipped, guided, encouraged and challenged on this life-long journey. Faith Formation is for people of all ages, and our adult faith formation opportunities invite  us to engage our minds and spirits (and sometimes our bodies, too!) in our spiritual journey.


We hope you'll join us!


All are welcome, whether this journey is new to you, whether you've recently taken a sudden turn on this journey or whether you've been on this path your whole life long. 


Virtual Lectio Divina

Tuesdays, 8:00 am


Lectio Divina ("divine reading") is an ancient Benedictine practice of reading scripture that invites us to delve into scripture with more than just our heads. We read a text  three times, allowing the words to sink ever deeper into our bodies, hearts and spirits, and we listen for how God is speaking to us in our lives and our world today through that text. This is a practice that brings scripture alive! No prior experience is necessary. All are welcome! 


Click on this link to join the Zoom Call

Zoom Meeting ID: 475 372 044; Password: 471003

"Reading the Bible Again for the First Time"

Virtual Book Study, April & May 2021


One of the vital challenges facing thoughtful people today is how to read the Bible faithfully without abandoning our sense of truth and history. Reading the Bible Again for the First Time provides a much-needed solution to the problem of how to have a fully authentic yet contemporary understanding of the scriptures. Many mistakenly believe there are no choices other than fundamentalism or simply rejecting the Bible as something that can bring meaning to our lives. Answering this modern dilemma, acclaimed author Marcus Borg reveals how it is possible to reconcile the Bible with both a scientific and critical way of thinking and our deepest spiritual needs, leading to a contemporary yet grounded experience of the sacred texts.


Borg traces his personal spiritual journey, describing for readers how he moved from an unquestioning childhood belief in the biblical stories to a more powerful and dynamic relationship with the Bible as a sacred text brimming with meaning and guidance. Using his own experience as an example, he reveals how the modern crisis of faith is itself rooted in the misinterpretation of sacred texts as historical record and divine dictation, and opens readers to a truer, more abundant perspective.


This unique book invites everyone—whatever one's religious background—to engage the Bible, wrestle with its meaning, explore its mysteries, and understand its relevance. Borg shows us how to encounter the Bible in a fresh way that rejects the limits of simple literalism and opens up rich possibilities for our lives.


Please contact our church office for details about when this book study will be held. Sandra Drage will be leading it. Whether you know the Bible inside and out or simply want to know more about this great book, all are welcome! 


White Privilege: Let's Talk

Curriculum created by and for the United Church of Christ

Offered virtually @ Loveland UCC

DATES: Sundays February 14, 21 & 28, March 7, 14 & 21

TIME: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm MDT

Click HERE for Zoom Link; Meeting ID: 839 8347 0236, Passcode: 031469

Join us in this 6-part series on white privilege featuring webinars from Rev. John Dorhauer (UCC General Minister & President), Rev. Traci Blackmon (UCC Executive Minister of Justice & Witness Ministries) and other national cross-denominatonal leaders in this webinar series on white privilege. Click here for the Participant Preparation Hand Outs & the link to download Curriculum

These sessions will lead us through four areas of focus:

1) telling the story of your spiritual journey through the lens of race;

2) looking at the dynamic of a culture in which whiteness is the established norm;

3) learning how America attaches a cash value to whiteness; and

4) inviting the participants to commit to becoming an ally in the pursuit of racial equity

Session 1: The Big Picture

"Deconstructing White Privilege" by Dr. Robin Di Angelo

"5 Things You Should Know about Racism," Decoded with Franchesca Ramsey

"Why Does Privilege Make People So Angry?" Decoded with Franchesca Ramsey

Session 2: Whiteness as the Norm
Session 3: Whiteness as Cash Value

Session 4: Whiteness as Cash Value Continued
Session 5: Spiritual Autobiographies Told through the Lens of Race

Session 6: On Becoming an Ally

This webinar series offers a solid foundation on the subject of white privilege and is part of the United Church of Christ's ongoing commitment to engaging communities of faith in Sacred Conversations on Race.