All Together!

Exploring our History & Identity

The Holy Spirit moves among us to create a sense of belonging to a sacred community 

and to encourage love and acceptance of one another. 


All Together we are First Congregational Church, Loveland UCC an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ. But what does all of that mean? This summer, join us as we explore some of the history and identity of both our congregation and our denomination. We’ll hear stories about the founding of our congregation, the formation of the United Church of Christ, and some of what makes our congregation and our denomination who we are today. As we explore some of these large-scale histories, we’ll also have a chance to hear some personal stories about experiences that have shaped and reshaped us. All Together, we form community, a congregation, a denomination. All Together, we are part of God’s beloved community and the body of Christ. 


The United Church of Christ is a denomination where individually, we do what we want, and together we do what we cannot do alone. For example, individually, we can run our Sunday School or figure out how to do the necessary local mission, but we cannot create a Sunday School curriculum or send missionaries to the entire world by ourselves.                   -Rev. Daehler Hayes, former Conference Minister of the Rhode Island Conference


Our worship style will be more traditional, and we look forward to singing beloved hymns from both the blue hymnals in our pews as well as the New Century Hymnal, the hymnal published by the United Church of Christ in 1995. We hope that this season of exploration will nourish your mind and your spirit and that you will reflect on the stories in your own life about who you are and where you come from.