Our Executive Board made the difficult decision to pause our in-person worship beginning Sunday, March 15. We are so thankful for leaders who face such decisions prayerfully, thoughtfully and faithfully, especially when such decisions are difficult. One of the things discussed was how vital community is right now.  

What will community and worship look like if we are not meeting in person?

· Join a Sunday morning Zoom Worship at 10:00 am. Zoom log-in and call-in information is available from Pastor Thandiwe (thandiwe@lovelanducc.org) or through our office (office@lovelanducc.org). Information for this is below.

· During our Zoom worship, we will share in prayer, music, joys and concerns, scripture reading and we will hear Pastor Thandiwe's sermon. 

· Videos and manuscripts of Pastor Thandiwe's sermons will be sent out by email on Mondays and posted to our church's Facebook Page. They are also available on our church's Facebook page. If you need/want these manuscripts mailed to your home, please contact the church office.

· Part of what community will look like is what you make it. We encourage you to reach out to one another during this time of physical separation: by phone, letter, email or text!


Thank you for being patient as we use unfamiliar technology and learn as we go.



To Join Zoom Meeting using your Telephone:

 Dial 312-626-6799

 If that number is busy, you can try one of these other access numbers:

 301-715-8592; 253-215-8782; 646-558-8656

 Meeting ID: 966 390 616, Meeting Password:  773088

 You will be asked to enter your user number or press pound. Simply press #


To Join Zoom Meeting using your computer or smartphone

Click on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/966390616?pwd=eXBlRC9Kc0V6S3BxM3NBQzlDaHRTdz09

Then click “Join Meeting”

Meeting ID: 966 390 616, Meeting Password:  773088


To Watch Sunday's Sermon on Facebook Live 

Click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/thandiwe.daleferguson 

You do not need a facebook account to watch our worship on Facebook Live.

Please Note: the sermon is going live on Pastor Thandiwe’s personal page as her page has greater reach to folks not immediately connected with our congregation.