Church gathering recommendations from the Re-entry team 

Kathy Miczulski, Craig Bialy, Mary Kauffman and Paul Heintzleman

The Re-Entry team will continue to meet and to consider County, State, and UCC Conference guidelines when making recommendations to the Church Board. The Church Board will make final decisions regarding time and method of re-entry.

Re-Entry Update 3/8/22


Dearly Beloved,

I write with news from our Re-entry team and Church Board to let you know that beginning this coming Sunday (March 13), masks will be optional in our sanctuary and church building.

The community spread here in Larimer County has dropped significantly over the last few weeks and all the county-wide measures are at moderate levels of spread or lower -- praise God! I am grateful for what this means for the most vulnerable health-wise in our communities as well as for our healthcare workers, educators, and so many others.

Even as we move into a way of being together that feels more "normal," we hold the knowledge that this is not a return. This pandemic has robbed hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans (not to mention fellow humans) of loved ones, employment, stability and even a sense of safety and respect from their wider community. 

We continue to navigate uncharted territory, and I am grateful to be doing that with each of you within this community of faith and love. Thank you for being mindful of and gracious to those of us who are still cautious and fearful of COVID. The balcony will continue to be available for physically distanced seating, and masks will be required in the balcony. 

Please speak with myself, our moderators or a member of the re-entry team if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing your full face and not just your smiling eyes on Sunday! 

With much love,


 Our balcony continues to be reserved for physically distanced seating with NO singing so that we can offer an area with higher precautions for those who need them. 


Thank you for helping us as we continue to navigate this ongoing pandemic,

working together to provide opportunities for connection while also keeping one another safe. 


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