Watch for Rainbows

Dearly Beloved,

It is good to be home. You know that feeling -- of laying your head on your own pillow. Of hearing the sounds in your own room, in your own house. I am grateful that home is a place that I love so very much! And our church family is part of what makes Loveland home for me.

These last few weeks, I've noticed that anxiety seems to permeate our world right now -- certainly our nation. As someone shared with me today: "It felt like things were getting better -- with the pandemic, with politics, with the economy. And now it just feels like everything is getting worse and maybe it will never get better." I think many of us can relate to those feelings. 

In the midst of this, it can feel like God has left us. That God doesn't care. I can't help but think this must have been how the Israelites felt in the desert -- it felt like things were getting better as they fled Egypt, but then they just got worse. Where was God? Grumbling and conflict quickly arose in their midst. They longed for the good old days of slavery in Egypt (we all know those days weren't good, even though they may have seemed better than wandering in the wilderness). In the midst of such anxiety, as we pray for things to get better, our frustration can easily grow. Our sense of abandonment by God, and feelings of weariness, hopelessness and despair can quickly overwhelm us.

But we know that nothing lasts forever. We can look to history, to the great epic novels, and to scripture. This too will pass. When? I have no idea. How? I wish I could tell you. And MY prayer for this time, my prayer for us, for you, for me is that we may navigate this time together. That we may deepen and strengthen our connections to each other. That we may share our burdens and our delights. That we may lean into the mystery that is God. That we may resist despair by acts of revolutionary joy, celebration and love. That each day we may see or hear or experience something that reminds us that we are part of something far bigger than ourselves and that nothing, not even the chaos we see around us, can separate us from the love of God. 

So, be on the lookout for the rainbows in the midst of these storms. Watch for the helpers in the midst of suffering and crisis. Watch for those who bring peace, who offer grace, and who practice love. Keep your eyes open for beauty. And joy. Seize joy wherever you can. Cry when you need to. And laugh whenever possible.

I hope you'll worship with us in person or online this Sunday as we celebrate Pride Sunday. Our choir will be singing one of my favorite of their anthems "Namaste" by Mark Hayes. Join us, so that we may be rainbows to one another in the midst of the clouds. 

In love and hope,