Dear Church,

Can we just take a moment to bask in the blessing that was having Rev. Dr. Anthony Scott with us on Sunday? What a word he brought to us: truly a word of encouragement. If you missed this last Sunday's service, you can catch up on Rev. Dr. Scott's message HERE (the scripture reading begins at minute 26:30). And if you're wondering, yes I am going to start singing when I preach... when my voice sounds like Rev. Dr. Scott's! What a gift, joy and privilege to have him with us!

This Sunday, we will hear Luke's telling of the Transfiguration (Luke 9:28-36) -- you know the story: Jesus, Peter, James and John go for a hike up a mountain. Jesus is busy praying while his exhausted companions stave off sleep. But then something happens -- as it does when you hang around Jesus. Jesus' face shines with light, and Moses and Elijah appear with him. It's a moment for the disciples when they get to see beyond the man they know -- the man who breaks rules, who eats with all sorts of people, who heals and preaches and teaches. It's an a-ha moment for them when the divine in Jesus literally shines through. A moment when they see him in the company of the other great prophets -- a clear indication that Jesus follows in this prophetic line. 

In her poem "When Glory," Jan Richardson writes about this moment as that in which "glory comes." And the truth is that we need not be on a mountaintop to witness God's glory, to see Christ revealed in a companion we thought we knew, to understand that a prophet is among us, to experience the mystery, presence and wonder of the divine.

My prayer for each of us is, in Jan Richardson's words:
That when glory comes,
we will open our eyes to see it.
That when glory shows up,
we will let ourselves
Be overcome not by fear
but by the love it bears. 
That when glory shines,
we will bring it
Back with us all the way,
all the way,
all the way down.

This week, pay attention. How does glory come to you? Are your eyes open? Will you release the fear and allow yourself to be overcome by love? Will you bring the gifts of glory with you into your normal, mundane life? I hope so. 

Just as a reminder, this is the last Sunday before Lent. A week from today is Ash Wednesday. You're invited to sign up for our Lenten Devotional Group and/or Lenten devotional materials to use on your own. AND, we are showering the Snyder Family with love this Sunday -- bring a book (old or new) and a card to help them welcome baby Theo (due in March). 

Love and blessings,