Through The Eyes of a Child

June 10, 2020

Dearly Beloved,

Thank you all for the many birthday wishes and all the love this last week! It was a gift to be able to use the worship service from the Conference Ministers. I realize that so much of what we love about our worship time together is seeing one another's faces and hearing me or another member of our congregation offer a reflection, but using the Conference Minister worship this last week gave me time to plan our summer worship, to have some much-needed pastoral conversations and to continue my own work to de-center my whiteness and to actively work to dismantle racism (within me and more broadly speaking). 

I am so excited about our summer season theme "
Through the Eyes of a Child." Jesus calls the children to him and then tells his disgruntled disciples that in order to enter into God's kingdom, they need to be like children. It's interesting to think about how often we try to mold children into miniature adults instead of trying to mold ourselves into children with more life experience. I can't help but wonder what we have lost as we have grown up? How often we replace curiosity with self-righteous knowing. Our hope with cynicism. Our wonder with disinterest. Our ability to forgive and let go with a storehouse of resentment. 

During this time, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip our nation and world despite re-openings, as tens of thousands of people pour into the streets to call for an end to racism, what does it mean for us to see through the eyes of a child? 

I think it means that we open our eyes and minds and hearts to the possibility of something new. Instead of returning to our old ways of being, what have we learned from this time? What need is there in our personal lives and in our communities and nation for change? What need is there for confession and repentance for the sin of racism? I daresay, we can learn from our children who are often quick to not only apologize for wrong-doing but to seek to make things right with those they have hurt. 

This summer season, we go back to the beginning -- our beginnings, to see the world afresh through the eyes of a child. And also the beginnings of our sacred texts. We will journey with Abraham, Sarah and their descendants through the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings. Each Sunday, we will have a theme that invites us to focus on one aspect of looking through the eyes of a child. This Sunday, we will read
Genesis 15:1-6 and Luke 18:16-17

I'm looking forward to being with you virtually on Sunday!

Blessings and peace,