Dearly Beloved,

Thank you for this last Sunday -- for holding our grief with me. For looking with hope to visions of the Beloved Community to which God calls us. For all the enthusiasm -- and food! -- you brought to our motorcycle blessing. We may not have had a lot of motorcycles in attendance, but we sure had a whole lot of heart! Not only did Loveland Police Chief Ticer come to have his motorcycle blessed, but we even got on the news. Thanks to everyone who helped plan this event (shout-out to Bob Molzahn!), bring food (thanks Dawn for coordinating some of this!) and all of our amazing volunteers. It was a beautiful day to be together! And leftover goodies were delivered to the Police Department on Monday morning.

This coming Sunday, we will bless our gifts, specifically the pledges and commitments we make for the coming year. Our gifts and generosity flow from our gratitude -- thankfulness for God's love and presence in our lives. Thankfulness for the glory of creation. Thankfulness for this congregation and the numerous ways we support one another and reach out to care for our wider community. Thankfulness for the material resources and comforts in our lives. Thankfulness for relationship. And I could go on.  

As part of blessing our gifts, we will have a Thank You Procession -- this is a chance for us to move our bodies, to dance and make music as we celebrate all that we have to be grateful for. As we name things for which we are thankful, you will be invited to come forward as you are able bringing your pledge card, offerings, gratitudes and prayers. We will have gratitude/prayer cards for everyone, so if you have already mailed in your pledge, you can bring that forward during the Thank You Procession.

Friends, I am so grateful for each of you and for this congregation! 

With love and gratitude,