Lifelong Journey

Dearly Beloved,

Extravagant Welcome
Ministry of All Believers

Those are the two Core Values of our congregation that we've talked about so far. This week, we will explore the core value of Lifelong Journey as we celebrate school transitions and graduations. After all, the spiritual journey is indeed a life-long one.

As someone who loves answers (especially when they're the RIGHT answers), it has taken me almost four decades to learn that, when it comes to matters of faith, questions are often more important than answers. Indeed, it is not our answers that reveal to us the enormity of divine mystery but our questions. 

How has your faith changed over the years? How has this season of global pandemic impacted your sense of your faith, of God and of what it means to follow Christ? 

As we honor, celebrate and bless our graduates, we will hear a couple of my favorite scripture passages. The first is Psalm 139:1-12 & 14 and John 14:15-27. Both of these passages are about being accompanied, known and beloved. In the first, the Psalmist describes God's intimate knowledge of each of us and God's presence with us, no matter how far we try to run or where we try to hide.

The reading from John tells of Jesus' words to his disciples as he shares his final meal with them. In these verses, Jesus reassures them that he will not leave them alone, but that the Holy Spirit and Christ's own peace will be with them. Jesus exhorts them to love, and to trust that he will be present to them in and through their practice of love. 

God is with us. Christ is within us. The journey of discovery, of doubt, question, faith and love is the journey of a lifetime. 

I look forward to celebrating with you on Sunday. 

In love and peace,