Body and Spirit

Dearly Beloved,

Last Sunday, we looked to some of the oldest texts in our Bible from Genesis 1 to think about what the Holy Spirit is and how we can begin to find it (hint: we can look as close as our very breath within us!). Breath makes a lot of sense when we're thinking about Spirit -- for the most part it's invisible. It keeps us alive. It literally inspires us. Breath connects us in material and very practical ways not just to God and each other, but to all of creation -- to trees and other creatures and even outer space.

Perhaps less obvious, then, is food. Our food, what we eat, connects us to God and to the Holy Spirit. The earliest stories of God in relationship to humans have a fair bit to say about food. It is so easy for us to forget that our hunt for the Holy Spirit is very much linked to our hunt (literal or figurative) for food. Caring for our spirits, connecting with God, is not simply about paying attention to the invisible and to the obviously spiritual. It is also about care for our bodies. And that begins, most basically, with food.

So on Sunday, we'll hear God's commands to humanity about food from Genesis 1 and Genesis 9 (when God is making a covenant with Noah after the flood that destroys the earth). We'll also take a look at Exodus 16 and the hungry Israelites in the desert. Caring for our spirits and caring for one another's spirits is sometimes as simple as caring for bodies -- feeding ourselves and others. This becomes particularly clear as the pandemic continues and people struggle to put food on the table. Food pantries and schools are desperately trying to keep people of all ages fed!

So how is what you're eating connecting you to the Holy Spirit? How are you nourishing your body well or not? And how might feeding others, whether it's as simple as cooking for members of your family, selling or giving away garden or farm produce, or supporting food distribution in our communities be a way of hunting for the Holy Spirit? 

It's certainly got me thinking! I hope to *see* you virtually or in person on Sunday. 

Love and blessings,