Blessing the Water

Dearly Beloved,

My mind has been a-buzz with thoughts of blessings, water and changing seasons. I hope to see many of you this Sunday for our kick-off and the beginning of Sunday school, youth group and our nursery care as well as our autumn season of worship. If you worship with us in person, please do bring a little water with you. If you are worshiping from home, set out a bowl and a container of water to pour into it. 

What will we do with this water? you ask. Well, it'll get its first use on Saturday blessing first responders. Then we'll be using it each Sunday of our autumn season as we bless various parts of our shared lives together. On October 24th, we'll bless motorcycles with it We'll use it for baptisms and for remembering our own baptisms. I'll use it to bless/cleanse people's homes. We'll use it as we bless the young and not so young, and as we remember those who have gone before us. 

Why water? Because water has always had the power of life within it! Perhaps you remember in Genesis when the Spirit of God hovered over (the waters of) the deep at creation, the flooding of the entire earth save Moses, his family and all those animals on the ark. Or the parting of the Red Sea to allow the Israelite people to escape from slavery in Egypt. Maybe you recall the story of water springing forth from the rock as the Israelite people made their way through the desert. Certainly, we remember the waters of baptism that marked the beginning of Jesus' ministry. 

This Sunday, we will hear the story of the Samaritan woman whom Jesus encounters at Jacob's well in a Samarian village (John 4). Jesus asks her for a drink of water and then tells her that through him, all can have access to living water. 

What is this living water? How do we get it? Why is it that we can get a taste for Christ's living water and yet still hunger and thirst for God's Spirit? 

This Sunday, along with your water, bring your questions. AND bring your stories -- of when you have experienced water's life-giving, awe-inspiring, majestic, terrifying, cleansing, refreshing and renewing power. You will be invited, if you would like, to briefly share your story that the water we gather and bless may carry with it the power of our stories. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to it!

With love and peace,