Blessing Our Path: Access Sunday

Dearly Beloved, 

What a beautiful autumn-feeling week it has been! I am so grateful for everyone who's been out at the church this week working on cleaning up and helping with tasks inside and outside the building. You'll notice that the juniper bushes out front have been pulled out and replaced with rocks -- what a huge job! If you see Bernie D, Frank K or Brian K, do say thanks to them for their hard work!

This Sunday UCC churches around the country will be celebrating Access Sunday -- a Sunday when we take time to think about, pray and advocate for access for people with disabilities. As we know, whether from personal experience or from things we've learned from others, disabilities vary widely and some are easily seen while others are largely invisible to us. We celebrate all the ways that our nation and our particular community has become more accessible to people with disabilities over the decades, and we still have a long way to go. 

Accessibility is an important piece of broadening our welcome. As a recently Open and Affirming congregation with "Extravagant Welcome" as one of our core values, accessibility is an important thing for us to be thinking about as we gather. I'm so grateful for the work fo Jon Haux and our AV team to make our worship services accessible to those who cannot gather in person on Sunday mornings whether because of distance, health or any other reason. How might we become more accessible and welcoming as a community? What kinds of disabilities do we include well and what kinds are we less good at including? 

It seems appropriate that we are celebrating Access Sunday on the same Sunday that we bless our path. We'll be blessing our church wheelchairs along with whatever hiking boots, walking poles/canes, snow shoes, skis, walkers, etc you bring with you. I think we had better bless some of the tools we use to help people access our community -- from our hearing assist devices to our elevator!

Oh! Be sure to wear walking shoes and bring water. After worship, you're invited to Seven Lakes Park for a hike or hang-out at the pavilion reserved for our use. 

I look forward to seeing you,