All Together

Dearly Beloved,

After a difficult week for our nation, deepening divisions among us and further raising uncertainty and confusion, worship felt like a sanctuary, like a balm for the soul on Sunday. Before I write about worship, I want to acknowledge that the two recent Supreme Court rulings on conceal carry laws and on Roe vs. Wade almost certainly impacted us each in different ways. For some of us, these may be rulings we are celebrating. For others, we may feel devastated.

As a congregation that is diverse, I ask that each of you hold gently the different views of our congregation. Strive to lead conversations with curiosity and compassion as you listen and vulnerability and honesty as you share. And I want each of you to know that I am here to talk with as these rulings may bring up some of your own past experiences and even trauma. Rev. Dr. Anthony Scott, Associate Conference minister of the Rocky Mountain Conference wrote a statement in response to the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade and you can read that at the end of this midweek.

And yes, worship felt like sanctuary. It was such a gift to celebrate Pride Sunday together -- the first one we've had since our congregation voted to become Open and Affirming last September. I am so very grateful to composer and arranger Mark Hayes who gave us permission to use his testimony as part of worship and to Nikki for finding it and for leading the choir in singing the AMAZING anthem written by Mark, "Namaste." What a gift! 

This coming Sunday, we are going to be exploring what it means to be church all the way to the ends of the earth. Have you ever heard of Global Ministries? It is the shared mission board of the United Church of Christ (UCC) and the Disciples of Christ (the denomination that ordained me). AND my family lived in South Africa (1983-1990), Zimbabwe (1995-2000) and Australia (2003-2007) because my parents worked for Global Ministries. You could say much of my childhood was one great big mission trip (or several!).

Additionally, I served as a Global Missions Intern at Family Village Farm in South India in 2006/2007 -- you can read some of my reflections on that experience HERE.

I look forward to sharing more with you all about my own experiences growing up in the global church as well as reflecting on what it means to be God's church all together. 

Holding you each in love and prayer,