Advent 2021: Close to Home

Worship Theme Created by Sanctified Art


When something hits close to home, it affects us deeply. During the Advent and Christmas season, we journey through scriptures and rituals that are tender, heavy with emotion, and vulnerable. We carry the memories and truths of this season close to our hearts -- memories of the past, the realities of the present and our hopes for the future. The Close to Home theme acknowledges the “already but not yet” tension of our faith: Emmanuel is with us, and yet, God’s promised day—our everlasting home—is not fully realized. It names our deep longing for God to come close to us.


The Advent and Christmas scriptures are rich with home metaphors and imagery.  John the Baptist prophesies about the One who is to come, but reminds us that we are still wandering far from God’s promised day; his message hits close to home, especially for those experiencing inequity and oppression. After receiving the angel’s news, Mary retreats to Elizabeth’s home, seeking refuge and safety. Christ is born in the midst of a journey home, in a crowded dwelling amidst livestock and shepherds alike. The Magi travel far from home to pay homage to Christ, and, having been warned in a dream, they avoid Herod by traveling home another way. In these scriptures, home is both physical and metaphorical, something we seek and something we are called to build. Ultimately, In many ways, these scriptures are like blueprints—detailing the dreams of a God who makes a home with us. Ultimately, God is our home and resting place. God draws near and makes a home on earth; sacred ground is all around us.


This Advent, may we be comforted by the One who dwells intimately with us. May we expand safety and sanctuary for everyone wandering far from home. May we come home—wherever home is found—to live fully with joy, hope, and courage.


We hope you will join us as we tell the stories again, as we celebrate this season, and as we hold our longings for the home that can only be found in God’s peace that passes all understanding.


Description written by: Rev. Sarah Speed | 

Advent 2021 - Close to Home


Sunday, November 28 - First Sunday of Advent

10 am - Virtual and In Person Worship: Homesick (Hope)


Sunday, December 5 - Second Sunday of Advent

10 am - Virtual and In Person Worship: Laying the Foundation (Peace)


Sunday, December 12 - Third Sunday of Advent

10 am - Virtual, In Person, and Children’s Worship: Home for All (Joy)


Sunday, December 19 - Fourth Sunday of Advent

10 am - Virtual and In Person Worship: Seeking Sanctuary (Love)

Walk-On Christmas Pageant



Sunday, December 19 - Longest Night Worship

7 pm - Virtual & In Person, at Trinity United Methodist Church


Thursday, December 24 - Christmas Eve

7 pm - Virtual and In Person Christmas Eve Communion Service

Bell Choir performs


Monday, December 27 - Friday, December 31

Office Closed


Sunday, December 26 - First Sunday after Christmas 

10 am - Virtual and In Person Worship

Attend in your pyjamas with a hot beverage and your favorite gift to show/share about


Sunday, January 2 - Epiphany Sunday, Guest Preacher

10 am - Virtual and In-Person Worship Worship: Homage, the Magi

We will receive Star Words during worship