"For many families, this year’s holidays will be very different. Our Advent theme is “An Uncertain Journey.” The last eight months have been an uncertain time. We’re traveling an uncertain journey that’s fraught with change – unwanted change. One thing that hasn’t changed is the strength and love we find within our community of church.... We still share the joyful anticipation of Advent, when we will once again follow Mary and Joseph along their uncertain journey of faith and share in the celebration of God’s most precious gift, Jesus Christ." 

- Craig Bialy, Member of Winter Seasonal Team


In a time of a Global Pandemic, as we look towards a Christmas and New Year that will be so different from what we are accustomed to, we journey together into uncertainty. 


Like the prophets, we look from places of struggle towards God’s promises for an unknown future. Like Mary, we receive life-altering (perhaps life-shattering) news. How will we respond? Like Joseph, we dream, but will we change our plans? Like the shepherds, we do not always understand what we see or hear, yet we find ourselves drawn to the light and joy. Like the Magi, we journey to unknown places, seeking direction from strangers, and bringing our gifts to offer Emmanuel, God with us. 


The journey is uncertain, but we are not alone. We follow in the faithful footsteps of journeyers before us -- often unsure, almost always afraid and also guided by our faith. We look to one another for hope and strength as we open our hearts to receive and share God’s gifts of hope, peace, joy and love. Not because the journey is certain or even safe, but because we have faith. And because God is always with us.


Join us as we follow other faithful people as they journey on an uncertain path:


Special Dates: Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

Sunday, November 29: (Hope) Journey with the Prophets

Sunday, December 6: (Peace) Journey with Joseph

Sunday, December 13: (Joy) Journey with Mary

          Friday, December 18  Longest Night Worship, 7:00 pm

Sunday, December 20: (Love) Journey with the Shepherds

Thursday, December 24 Christmas Eve Service, 7:00 pm  

          Friday, December 25 - Friday, January 1 Office Closed

Sunday, December 27: Journey with Simeon & Anna

Sunday, January 3 Epiphany Sunday (Star Words): Journey with the Magi

Sunday, January 10: Journey with the Holy Family

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